Virtual CSE Meetings (Module 4)

This session has been designed to support school administrators in creating a high quality virtual CSE/CPSE meeting.  

Participants will be given tools that will help streamline the process. 

Facilitator’s Guide: Virtual CSE Meetings

Modes of Learning

This resource can be broken into two parts and should be presented in order.  The checklist can be done in a stand alone session or be used in conjunction with CSE-related training.  Within the checklist, there are hyperlinks to external resources that can be used as reference or toward furthered learning.


Through synchronous or asynchronous learning activities and resources, participants will:

  1. Review the checklist through the lens of the facilitator of the CSE Annual Review Meetings
  2. Determine parts of the checklist that will be customized by district.



For more information, or if you are unable to access any of the resources provided, contact: