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Implementing the SEL Statewide Framework

These resources aim to help educators in supporting the New York State Education Department’s SEL guidance in remote and hybrid learning environments:

SEL in Leadership (Session 5)

In this session, we will be exploring ways we can purposefully and practically check in with our students well-being, social-emotional skills and classroom experiences.

Embedding Social Emotional Learning Schoolwide (Session 2)

Explore several key factors that contribute to effective, large-scale implementation of SEL. Participants will be offered lessons from the field and invited to analyze district case studies to determine a range of possible approaches and to consider what they can take away for their own context as they begin to plan or continue implementation of SEL schoolwide.

‘Unpacking’ the NYS SEL Benchmarks (Part 1)

This session will explore the New York State Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks (NYS SEL), learn more about what each benchmark entails and discuss how educators can implement SEL practices in their schools and classrooms. 

SEL Trainings

No trainings scheduled for the next 30 days.