montage of children and parent working with African-American father and daughter highlighted
montage of children working with a parent
montage of children and parent working with Middle Eastern mother and son highlighted
montage of children and parent working with mother and son highlighted

Families as Partners

Supporting families during remote and hybrid learning.

These resources aim to supporting educators’ capacity to transition effective partnering practices used in traditional formats into remote/hybrid learning environments.

Celebrating Relationships, Routines, and Resources – Fall Planning (Session 5)

In this session, we will celebrate successful partnership between schools and families during the 2020-21 school year. We will use these “wins” as a springboard for 2021-22 fall planning and take the time for reflective practice in reviewing the last school year as well. This session will build upon the resources shared in Session 4.

Supporting Teaching and Learning at Home (Session 1)

The shift of teaching and learning from in-person to remote/hybrid has greatly impacted how we support students’ academic progress. The relationships, routines, and resources that are the foundation for effective partnerships between families and the school community now require a new approach.

Families as Partners Trainings

No trainings scheduled for the next 30 days.