Virtual Work-Based Learning Opportunities (Module 5)

This resource discusses alternative ways in which students can explore careers and work-based learning experiences (WBLE) during business and school closures to learn the essential skills required to be successful in a work environment.

Virtual CSE Meetings (Module 4)

This session has been designed to support school administrators in creating a high quality virtual CSE/CPSE meeting.  

High Leverage Practices for Students with Disabilities (Module 3)

This session will familiarize participants with the High Leverage Practices for students with disabilities that help overcome their barriers to remote learning. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their current practice and create a plan to address areas of need. 

Continuum of Special Education Services: A Resource for Administrators

This self-paced resource guide will help administrators develop a deeper understanding of the continuum of special education services. Administrators will reflect on their current practices and challenges in meeting the individual needs of students with special needs.

Accessible Technologies

Every device comes with settings and features that help users access what is on their screen. Familiarize yourself with the available features on your students’ devices to help them access instruction, content, and the tools necessary to demonstrate their learning.