Continuum of Special Education Services: A Resource for Administrators

Understanding the support provided at each level of the continuum of special education services can assist administrators, teachers, and families with selecting the right setting that aligns with individualized learning goals.

This self-paced resource guide will help administrators develop a deeper understanding of the continuum of special education services. Administrators will reflect on their current practices and challenges in meeting the individual needs of students with special needs.

Facilitator’s Guide: Continuum of Special Education Services: A Resource for Administrators

Modes of Learning

This resource is broken into six sections.  Each section builds on the previous section so they must be done in sequential order.  Facilitators can choose to create a check for understanding activity based on time and level of participation in Part Three. 

Part Six is done on the participants’ own time to further their learning, so there is no need to guide participants through the material. The IRIS Center Brief is provided for further study.


Additional Resources

    Learning Objectives

    Through synchronous or asynchronous learning activities and resources, participants will:

    • Objective 1: Administrators will define key characteristics of a variety of service options for students with disabilities.
    • Objective 2: Administrators will complete the Continuum of Services Chart activity identifying current building/district remote learning practices and areas in need of  improvement.


    For more information, or if you are unable to access any of the resources provided: