Embedding Social Emotional Learning Schoolwide (Session 2)

The key to a successful schoolwide approach is to engrain the principles of social emotional learning (SEL) throughout every aspect of school life — from the agenda at staff meetings to the posters on the walls and, more importantly, the interactions between adults and students in person and remotely.

In this session, we’ll explore several key factors that contribute to effective, large-scale implementation of SEL. Participants will be offered lessons from the field and invited to analyze district case studies to determine a range of possible approaches and to consider what they can take away for their own context as they begin to plan or continue implementation of SEL schoolwide.

Modes of Learning

This is the second unit of a six part e-learning series with each three-hour unit being delivered in synchronous sessions. 

Each unit is meant to be facilitated within a group setting either in person or remote over a three-hour time period. However, facilitators may decide to break it up into multiple sessions.

Facilitators will guide a conversation using the presentation linked below. The facilitator’s guide provides additional information related to this session’s activities and implementation.

Facilitator’s Guide: Embedding Social Emotional Learning Schoolwide (Session #2)

Learning Objectives

  1. Staff will be able to describe a systemic approach to implement SEL, reviewing implemented models, recognizing that schools and districts can promote social and emotional development even in times of budgetary stress and leadership turnover.
  2. Staff will be able to recognize the importance of implementing SEL schoolwide, such that SEL is not an add-on but a part of the fabric of school life.
  3. Staff will be able to connect SEL with other important efforts that occur within the school (e.g., universal design for learning, educator effectiveness, discipline, mental health, bullying, trauma responsive practices and cultural responsiveness).
  4. Staff will be able to identify strategies to embed SEL within a cycle of continuous improvement to reflect SEL as a priority.
  5. Staff will be able to identify and create action steps to explicitly embed SEL within the daily function and instruction of schools and classrooms.

Presentation Materials

Sample Materials

The following sample materials were developed and provided by the Greece Central School District: 

Other Resources

Additional resources for further study: