Module 5: Ongoing Professional Learning

From the NYSED CRSE Framework, “Ongoing professional learning is rooted in the idea that teaching and learning is an adaptive process needing constant reexamination (Moll, et al., 1992; Gay, 2010). It allows learners to develop and sharpen a critically conscious lens toward instruction, curriculum, assessment, history, culture, and institutions. Learners must be self-directed and take on opportunities that directly impact learning outcomes.”

Modes of Learning

This module was designed as a toolkit where participants complete the first immersive scenario, make choices on activities based on the topic, and complete the reflection that ends the module. Within many of the ‘choice’ activities, there are opportunities for participants to engage individually, in pairs or small groups, and in a whole-group setting. There are directions on each activity for participants or for facilitators. 

Activities within the toolkit can be used electronically, or printed for use individually or in a group setting. Each activity has an estimated time frame included. The main presentation is provided in two formats, Powerpoint or Google Slides (the content of each is the same).

Facilitation Guide: Ongoing Professional Learning

Learning Objectives

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  • Holding Ourselves Accountable: Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” This was a personal insight that she made about her circumstances and it still rings true today. The keyword in this fourth principle is ongoing. The more we learn, explore, ask questions, and reflect, the more confident we are to implement necessary and lasting change.
  • Continuously Educating Ourselves: Being a learning educator means that we each need to put in the work to stay current on educational trends, research, and more. Many vision and mission statements include the term lifelong learning. As educators, we need to have that same mindset. What new learning did you attain today?
  • Intentionally Growing Our PLN: In this digital age of social media, it is easy to access and grow your professional learning network. Not only that, but it can expand across the globe! How are you leveraging social media to grow your network? How does expanding your PLN support you in continuously educating yourself?

Presentation Materials


Holding Ourselves Accountable

Continuously Educating Ourselves

Intentionally Growing Our PLN

  • Using Twitter to Extend Your PLN: Learn and explore the social media application, Twitter, to extend your professional learning network. This includes a website exploration and take action activity.
  • What’s a PLN and Why is it Important?: To explore professional learning networks for educators and their role in sustaining ongoing professional learning for teachers, school leaders, and district leaders. This includes a video, reflection questions, a brainstorm and design, and additional resources.


Module 5: Closing Reflection


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