Building Relationships, Community and Communication (Session 3)

Forging a strong community in an online environment can be a daunting task. This presentation outlines ways that educators can create a welcoming, successful classroom community during distance learning.

Although the focus of this presentation is primarily on the importance of building structures for an online environment, much of what is discussed is also pertinent to an in-person learning setting.

Facilitator’s Guide: Building Relationships, Community and Conversation

Modes of learning

The Building Relationships, Community and Conversation e-Notebook is the primary source for this session. The e-Notebook is intended to be used synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the end user. The material in the e-Notebook is also presented on a web page.

Learning objectives

Participants will familiarize themselves with the eight phases of instruction and how they can be used to strengthen a school community and build structures for predictability.



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