Deep Dive: Community and Communication (Session 4)

The Shift to Online Learning has forced educators to build capacity and increase the tools in their tool kit. This session will allow questions to be answered on any one of the previous topics presented.

Additionally, the facilitators presenting the turn key session will provide brief updates on the most critical developments to online teaching and learning.

Facilitator’s Guide: Deep Dive: Community and Communication 

Modes of learning

The Community Building slidedeck is the primary source for supporting the Community Building topic. Trainers could, if appropriate, shorten the training to focus on one particular area; training is dependent on end user needs. Additionally, the trainer could decide that regional support needed was minimal and create a separate opportunity/resources to be used asynchronously.

Learning objectives

Participants will reflect on and make connections between actions related to teacher credibility for in-person and virtual setting, reflect on the importance of these connections in building community, and explore activities to build community for hybrid and remote settings that focus on:

  • opening routines/rituals
  • daily interactions
  • small group activities
  • agreements
  • home-school communication



If you have questions or are unable to access any of these materials, contact Katie Jones, WSWHE BOCES, (518) 581-3741.