Using Home Language Supports (Session 2)

This turnkey session will provide an overview on translated webinettes that will be available for teachers, students and parents/guardians for asynchronous supports.  Each webinette will contain a mini lesson on a high-leverage concept in math, science, social studies and English language arts for secondary students.

The webinettes will be available in 10 languages.

Facilitator’s Guide: Using Home Language Supports

Modes of Learning

This session’s introductory presentation will examine how to use home language supports to support ELLs in their remote and/or hybrid learning environments. The presenters will review best practices for supporting ELLs using the home language, and will share ways that these resources (webinettes) can be used.

Turnkey trainers can customize the presentations for their own use and share links to the webinettes as a take-home resource for teachers, ELLs and their parents or guardians.

The webinettes are not intended to be a full repeat of the lesson and should not be considered a substitute for a lesson. The webinettes are meant to be take-home resources that will help to engage the learner for further learning and meaningful participation. The Powerpoint presentations that form the foundation for each webinette are provided here as well. 


ELL Session 2: Home Language Supports (PPT) | ELL Session 2: Home Language Supports (Google Slides) 









Additional Resources

    Learning Objectives

    • Objective 1: Participants will understand how to use home language supports in multiple ways, with students and/or with parents helping their children.
    • Objective 2: Participants will learn about resources available to content area teachers through NYSED.


    For more information, or if you are unable to access any of the resources provided: