Frameworks for Technology Integration (Session 6)

In this session, we will discuss different frameworks for evaluating the use of technology in the classroom. We will explore SAMR, TPACK  and the Triple E Framework to evaluate whether we are using technology for the right reasons in our classrooms. This session will discuss how digital tools should enhance authenticity in learning and make learning more accessible for all students. 

Facilitator’s Guide: Frameworks for Technology Integration (Session 6)

Modes of learning

The slidedeck is the primary source for supporting the topic. The trainer could, if appropriate, shorten the training to focus on one particular area; training is dependent on end user needs. Additionally the trainer could decide that regional support needed was minimal and create a separate opportunity/resources to be used asynchronously.



Participants will

  • better understand when to integrate technology into classroom practice;
  • learn the frameworks for assessing when technology is best suited in specific classroom practice; and
  • discern which model works best for their practice. 


If you have questions or are unable to access any of these materials, contact Katie Jones, WSWHE BOCES, (518) 581-3741.