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Where do I start? 

Complete this short statement checklist to determine where you can expand your work-based learning knowledge. Award yourself one point for each statement that’s true for you. 

Part 1: Work Based Learning Definition and Coordinator Certification

  • I can define Work Based Learning.
  • I know what opportunities for work based learning exists within my school.
  • I can name 3 things a WBL Coordinator does.

Part 2: Working with Local Agencies

  • I can name 3 local agencies we currently work with.
  • I have promotional materials to share with families about their services.
  • I can identify the differences in support these agencies provide for transition planning and preparation.

Part 3: Work Readiness Exams

  • I am able to identify 3 different work readiness exams students may take.
  • I can identify how students prepare for their work readiness exams.
  • I currently use practice questions from work readiness exams in my instruction.

Part 4: Classroom Instruction and Job Shadowing

  • I am using curriculum in my classroom instruction that focuses on work-based learning.
  • I can identify at least 5 CDOS skills that are being explicitly taught in classrooms.
  • My students have access to job shadowing opportunities in the community.

Part 5: NTACT Employment Prep

  • I can identify the local National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) employment prep that my school offers.
  • I can identify a BOCES contact who can provide additional NTACT resources.
  • I can use NTACT resources to drive WBL initiatives in my school.

Total up your scores for each section. Use your lowest scoring area as a starting point to utilize the information and resources found in the linked sections.