Part 4: Classroom Instruction and Job Shadowing


This video showcases how VocFit can be used: 

  1. An innovation web app that provides decision making support through interest surveys for individuals with disabilities and provides customized employment recommendations
  2. Paid membership that provides video exploration, data analysis of individual’s interests and abilities while detailing job demands
  3. Aligns employer needs and job seeker abilities

Career Zone

  1. Free online career exploration and planning system
  2. Provides information on over 800 career options
  3. Video footage of over 450 jobs


  1. Should include job soft skills such as customer service, problem-solving, professionalism as well as exposure to a variety or careers
  2. Planning elements should include:
  3. Free Resources:
    1. Talking Safety
    2. When I Grow Up- Career Lessons and Activities for Grades 9-12