Part 6: Culminating Activity

Use the information from Parts 1-5 to answer the guiding questions about your school/district/BOCES to create an action plan. For each prompt below, list who will take action, and when they will take action, to address the guiding questions. 

View the Culminating Activity as a Google Doc (download or make a copy to create a fillable form)

Work Based Learning Definition & WBL Coordinator Certification

  • What does a WBL Coordinator do? 
    • Identify a Work Based Learning Coordinator you have access to. 
  • What opportunities for work based learning exist? What opportunities for work based learning can easily be created? 
    • Define what your WBL Coordinator does. 

Working with Local Agencies

  • What agencies do we currently work with? 
    • Identify your local agencies who support transition planning and preparation. 
    • Name one agency I can start to work with. 

Work Readiness Exams

  • What work readiness exams do my students take? 
    • Determine which practice questions to bring back to the classroom. 
  • How do students prepare for exams? 
    • Contact a vendor to ask for practice exam access. 

Classroom Instruction and Job Shadowing

  • What curriculum am I using? 
    • Name a health and safety practice that should be taught
  • What CDOS skills are being explicitly taught? 
    • Identify one area of growth for transition instruction.
  • What partners help support transition for all students (in and out of school setting)? 
    • Name a local business to initiate contact with about job shadowing. 

Employment Prep

  • What does your local school currently offer? 
    • Use the Career Development continuum to identify where students are currently. 
  • What does your local BOCES offer? Using the continuum, what should be targeted next? 
    • Identify an activity/resource that you can use.