Supporting Teaching and Learning at Home (Session 1)

The shift of teaching and learning from in-person to remote/hybrid has greatly impacted how we support students’ academic progress. The relationships, routines, and resources that are the foundation for effective partnerships between families and the school community now require a new approach.

In this session, we’ll begin to explore the family partnerships and best practices that establish a thriving learning environment for all students.

Facilitator’s Guide: Families as Partners: Supporting Teaching and Learning at Home (Session #1)

Modes of Learning

Facilitators will guide a conversation using the Families as Partners overview presentation (linked below). Each participant will need a copy of the Families as Partners Survey Workbook (electronic or printed). A quick video (embedded in the slide deck and linked below) is included in the presentation.

Presentation Materials

Additional resources 

The following resources are also linked from the Facilitator’s Guide:

Learning Objectives

  1. Address the core components of family partnerships in the educational setting
  2. Discuss the reasons for family partnership transitions
  3. Identify areas of successful transitions and areas for improvement regarding families as partners in a remote/hybrid setting


For more information, or if you are unable to access any of the resources provided: