Families as Partners Assessment

This resource focuses on supporting educators’ capacity to transition effective partnering practices used in traditional formats into remote/hybrid learning environments.

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Positive connections that foster interaction and establish a nurturing environment of trust and support.


Rehearsed and predictable practices that provide structure to support efficient and effective learning.


Materials, tools and supplies to support active learning and skill development.

How has Covid-19 impacted teaching and learning?


  • The role of families in the learning process has shifted, putting new responsibilities on parents and caregivers.
  • Parents, siblings, grandparents, daycare providers and other partners are supporting learners while attending to other responsibilities.


  • Educators have taken on the challenge of shifting teaching and learning into remote formats.
  • Teaches are developing relationships, adjusting routines, and leveraging resources to support family partnership and student learning.


  • Administrators have fostered the transition of traditional partnering practice into remote/hybrid learning environments.
  • Leaders are adjusting remote/hybrid learning plans based on feedback from educators and families.