Supporting Schoolwide Culturally Responsive Practices

Objective: To synthesize ways to incorporate student experiences, cultures, and strengths into the learning environment.


Stop and Think

Key: T – Teachers, SL – School Leaders, DL – District Leaders

  • How can your students’ lives and experiences enrich your virtual classroom? (T) 
  • What are some ways you can incorporate learning walks in your remote/hybrid classroom? (T, SL)
  • How can you ensure a diversity of access points to your remote/hybrid lesson? (T)
  • How are your students individual cultures, languages, and experiences represented in your remote/hybrid classroom? (T)

Brainstorm and Design

Think of a traditional learning walk. A group of teachers visit classrooms, take notes, discuss, and share observations and next steps with the rest of the staff.

Now, re-imagine a learning walk with a more student centered approach where a sample of students (gen-ed, IEP, ELL) complete a walkthrough with staff members.

  •  How could this look?
  •  How could this work in a remote/hybrid setting?
  •  How would this contribute to student voice in the academic and cultural practices of the school?