How Would You Feel?

Imagine you are a contestant on a reality TV show where you and one other contestant have the opportunity to walk away with $1 million.

The money is on the top of a two-story building. You just have to climb up a ladder to reach it. And for encouragement, a coach is going to be calling out “step, step, step, that’s the way” to help you succeed.

Stop and think:

  • Do you think you can do it?
  • What about this will be easy?
  • What will be a challenge?

Here’s your reality, though:

Your opponent’s ladder is firmly planted on the street, leaning against the building, with all rungs intact.

Your ladder extends 20 feet below the ground, rising up through an underground vault through a hole in the street. Every few rungs are broken or missing. You’re waiting to hear the “go” bell.

Stop and think: 

  • How do you feel?
  • Do you think you will win?
  • Do you think the contest is fair?

Based on a blog post by Shane Beauford and Nancy Sulla