Structures and Routines (Session 1)

Shifting to Online Instruction requires districts and schools to consider many aspects even before students can begin to learn. The structures and routines that are set up are critical to the future success of teachers and students.

This session will provide the considerations to be made prior to shifting and provide extensive resources to assist districts and schools with these decisions.

Modes of learning

The Structures and Routines e-Notebook is the primary source for supporting the Shift to Online Learning. The notebook is intended to be used synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the end user. The material in the e-Notebook is also presented on a web page.

Facilitator’s Guide: Structures and Routines (Session 1)


Notecatcher (The notecatcher is also linked within the hyperdoc).

Learning objectives

Participants will  learn the considerations you need to have in place to better plan and implement instruction.  Specifically: 

  • Schedules and workflows: How to create schedules for teachers and students 
  • Tips for setting up a teacher workflow including basic Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Considerations for using platforms that support remote learning for students and teachers
  • Routines for instruction
  • Suggestions and considerations in setting up routines that support instruction including schedule suggestions, groupings, structures of activities
  • Ed Law 2D
  • Considerations of Ed Law 2D
  • Technology
  • Ways to use technology to have students become active participants in learning. Focus on setting up the structure and routine around using the technology — for teachers and for students.



If you have questions or are unable to access any of these materials, contact Katie Jones, WSWHE BOCES, (518) 581-3741.