Families as Partners: Supporting Teaching and Learning at Home

African-American father and daughter viewing a laptop computer

Relationships, routines, and resources create the foundation for effective partnerships between families and the school community.

As teachers and leaders, we have always worked to develop and maintain positive experiences for students and families in our school buildings. We build relationships to foster positive connections and establish a nurturing environment of trust. We have routines in place that provide structure and support efficient and effective learning. Additionally, we ensure students have access to the materials, tools, and supplies needed to support active learning and skill development. 

The resources below focus on how the pandemic has changed our approach and, as a result, how some of our newly adopted practices may change how we partner with families even after we return to fully in-person learning.


Pre Assessment

  1. Assessment Workbook
  2. Assessment Worksheet
    1. Self-Scoring Sheet – Google Sheets
    2. Self-Scoring Sheet – PDF
  3. Act Now Resources

Activity Vignettes and Action Toolkits

  1. Activity Vignettes
    1. Activity Vignettes – Google Doc
    2. Activity Vignettes – Plain text version
  2. Action Toolkit

Resources and Templates

Future Planning