Tool #7: Scaffolded Lesson Planning Checklist 

For each of the following, answer yes or no. 

  1. I know the strengths and needs of each ELL in relation to the language demands of the lesson.
  2. I have analyzed the language demands of the lesson and identified areas that may be challenging for my ELLs.
  3. I have developed a list of key vocabulary to pre-teach and determine how I will teach and provide opportunities to practice this vocabulary.
  4. I have determined specific aspects of language use that I will focus on during my lesson. 
  5. I have determined what background knowledge to teach (if any) and how to teach it in a concise manner.
  6. I have determined how to effectively group students in order to most effectively support their learning content and acquisition of English.
  7. I have included opportunities for students to practice key concepts in varied ways using multiple modalities. 
  8. I have selected home language resources (as appropriate) that can support ELLs in learning the new content and academic vocabulary.
  9. I have selected or developed scaffolded materials to support ELs of varying proficiency levels (e.g., graphic organizers, sentence stems and/or sentence frames, and visuals).
  10. I have determined how I will assess student learning and how I will scaffold the assessment for ELLs of varying proficiency levels.